Horny Village * Font *

Font created by me, for my promotional website soon online. This font represents all the crazyness that goes inside all designers in the world, expecially me.

Client: Tee Times Tour Operator * Website Layout * www.tee-times.info

Website layout created at my last company. The objective was to refresh the old website and create something more user-friendly, giving more emphasis to golf ofers and to golf discounts available in our tour operator online shop.

Client: Tee Times Tour Operator * Website Layout * www.algarvegolfweb.com

This website had to be restructured and focused on selling just green fees. The main objective was so simple that I opted to create a very simple layout, very easy to navigate.

Client: Tee Times Tour Operator * Website Layout * www.spainholidays-golf.com

This was my first layout for an html5 website. Currently it has a new layout also designed by me, but the concepts are completly diferent from one another! In the first layout, I wanted an illustration based navigation were everything had a reference on Spain.

Client: Alisuper * Draft Logo *

Logo Study created to the Algarve supermarket “Alisuper”. Here and in accordance to the briefing I tried to create an image of a local small business, joining the traditional with the new, were the main message was “it feels so good to be back!”.

Client: European Cross Country Championship 2010 * Campaing *

The company were I was working in 2010 was selected to create all the communication supports for this event, from the photo shoot, to the TV spot for the national television, the creation of flyer's, outdoors, magazines, etc... and in wich I've had a fair contribuition.

Client: Águas do Algarve "O Amigo da Água" * Website Layout * not published

This project had the goal to stimulate and sensitize school children in the Algarve to save and respect the Water and the Environment! All this through a website with various educational and didactic games! The water Friend

Client: Mama Maratona * Draft Logo *

Logo created for a maraton event against breast cancer in the Algarve. The company were I was working in 2010, every year designed all their comunitation for free. In my proposal, I tried to create a tape, wich is the cancer simbol running.

Client: Restaurant "O Manel" * Draft Logo *

Very simple logo created to a friend who oppened a restaurant in Zambujeira do Mar, Alentejo, Portugal. Within 3 hours.

Client: Maia & Bruneli "fish shop" * Draft Logo *

Logo created to a local fish shop in Quarteira, Algarve, Portugal. Here I used some traditional elements and colors, trying to aproach the shop to all the people in the city who like to go tho the local market and get the most fresh and healthy fish.

Client: Natural Feelings "DJ's" * Logo *

This logo was created to a group of friends in Aveiro, Portugal. They wanted something that would connect them to nature. So, in my sketches I tried to do something unique and continuous, like nature itself. The original comes in green...

Client: Quadritinta * Logo *

Before I have created this logo in 2011, I had already done a study on this company at the University in 2006. The company sells all kinds of material for paintings and crafts. And they contacted me to update all the company's communication.

Client: Allart "making it possible" * Website Layout * not published

The main concept for Allart was "making it possible". The company committed itself to carry out any work, in order to satisfy the customer's needs.
Everything is possible for them!

Client: Super Escola "Kindergarten" * Logo *

This logo was created with one simple objective, ‘SPREADING THE FUN’. And the name just made the job easier. And so, to spread the word we used the logo as a mask and offered it to several children. From there on it was chaos and the message was delivered.

Client: Salgadinho Associados * Website Layout * "Offline"

The company logo was so intrinsically linked to the company that we have chosen to build the website through the logo. It was a good experience.

Client: Dentaldesign * Brand Study *

One of my first logos back in 2008. All the communication made to this company was intended to stand out from all other companies. Maintaining a clean image, but at the same time make a fun and relaxing experience for adults and children.

Client: Spa Pet * Logo *

Logo created for a company which provided very diferent services to domestic animals. Inclusive, they had a Van who goes to people's homes and provides shearing, bathing, special training and all kind of diferent goodies to pets.

Client: Pedaço de Céu * Concept Animation *

Work created within the discipline of Design de Comunicação in Universidade do Algarve, where the objective was to create an animation promoting the sale of special places and house monuments in heaven.


2008, Curricular internship, Pupula Corporate Solutions, Gambelas - Faro
2008 a 2009, Freelancer, Oxi 3D lda. actual Oxi Communication Group, Quarteira - Faro
2009 a 2010, Professional internship, cm’design, Faro
2010 a 2012, Web/Graphic Designer, Tee Times Tour Operator, Vilamoura - Faro


Bachelor in Communication Design, Universidade do Algarve, Escola Superior de Educação, Faro
Search Engine Optimization Course, GALILEU, Loulé - Faro


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